Get to know us!


Savvy 24 L3C is more than a clothing store, it is a movement of virtue and conservatism that will establish the splendor and respect of women nationwide.


Moxie, the founder of Savvy 24 boutique, has always believed that each woman should possess virtue, beauty, confidence, conservatism and compassion for all. She often quotes that, "A lady should be a conservative beauty with an edgy style". Moxie obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from Illinois State University, majoring in Apparel and Merchandise. Savvy 24's stylists and buyers are well-versed in the latest, largest national and international trends, featuring trendy, conservative and stylish dresses, denim, jewelry, handbags & men's neckwear.


Savvy 24 L3C is derived from Proverbs 31:24, which speaks on the virtuous woman preparing girdles and selling them to the merchants on the seashore. Savvy 24 L3C believes that a business savvy gene lies within each woman. Whether single or married, every woman has the intrinsic ability to use her creativity and beauty to make a change in the world.


Savvy 24 L3C will give away toiletries to young girls within the Chicagoland area, and in the near future, begin to foster young ladies to help prepare them for womanhood.